Sidebar Addon for Firefox

We want to bring the ToDo Planner everywhere you need. Currently is the ToDo Planner available as ToDo Planner App for Android Smartphones, as Progressive Web App (PWA) for Devices with the Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge Browser as Website Version without Install anything and now also as ToDo Planner Addon for the Mozilla Firefox Browser.



The Addon is Free and without Ads. If you you want try the Free ToDo Planner Firefox Addon, use the following Adress: After the Installation open the Sidebar and select in the head. The Install doesn’t need a restart, you can directly use the ToDo Planner.


Turn the Firefox into an ToDo Planner


The Browser Addon runs with all Standard features in the Sidebar and gives the Firefox Browser o powerful ToDo Planning Function. If you use the Firefox Browser as Main Browser so is the Addon the perfect Addon for you to gain your productivity and to never forget important tasks. It’s helpful to organize the work and also for the private life. If you like the Firefox Addon, please write an review on the Addon Page and help us to become more popularity. If you have problems with the ToDo Planner Addon, ideas for new features or extensions, please free to contact us from the Contact Page or with the Mail Adress:

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