Welcome on the ToDo Planner App. Thanks for the visit, i hope you are maybe a next power user from the next generation ToDo Planner. on the Smartphone on Tablet

My Name is Toni, i’m a entrepreneur with a focus on Webservices and Apps. I have built and i run the App. is a completely Free ToDo Planner available for the Browser (Website, PWA and Extension) and as Applikation. is my newest project, since 23. November 2020 available. You use the first version from the ToDo Planner App. I run updates every week i work on new functions, extensions, a next release is in the pipe for this week.

I respect the Privacy from the user to 100% (No Tracker, No Advertising, No Bullshit. You can feel free and secure by using the ToDo Planner.

I hope you ❤️ love the ToDo Planner. If you have a question or a problem to use, please write me a message (